Upcoming Workshops and Class Times For 2008

Weekly classes in painting with Sue and Paulette

Painting – Mon, Wed and Thurs 10AM-12PM
Tues –Sue Raccanello 9.30AM-2PM
Tues Evening 7PM- 9PM

Alternate Weekly classes in Needlecraft with Claire Friday 10AM-12PM

Workshops - 9.30am until 3.30pm

Steve Underwood   1st Saturday of each month  

Paintings in oils

Sue Raccanello   2nd Saturday of each month   Watercolour classes
Lorraine Dick   4th Saturday of each month   Choose from Lorraine's many designs.
Chris Roy   August 10th   Close Up Kookaburra
Paulette Itzstein   Sept. 20th   Top ‘O’ the Morning (Rooster)
Paulette Itzstein   Oct. 19th   Doe, Ray and Mia (Carolling Reindeers)
Kerri-Anne Cassar   Nov. 2nd   Choice of Pomegranate table top
or strawberry pot

Photos of Workshop Pieces - Click here to view a photo of pieces.


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